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Set of 3 Promesse Hairpins


Rose of May, do what you like….

Set of 3 silver colour hairpins featuring a leather miniature Centifolia rose

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Our creations are unique and generally made on demand. If this product is not in stock, the manufacturing time will be approximately30 days after your order.


Centifolia is the symbol of eternal love. These hairpins are a unique floral accessory.

Slide them with subtlety into your bun. No fear of seeing them wither away.

Thanks to our thoughtful leather gifts, you can adorn your hairstyle with exceptional objects for your events.

All our flowers are handmade artworks. They are crafted in Grasse, France, from leathers selected for their premium quality and production conditions.

Vegetable tanning technique is used as well water-based leather dyeing for all the colours of our flowers.

For regulatory matters, our hairpins are not perfumed and only for adults.

Non-contractual photos: As the creations Nez dans les Fleurs are hand-made, some slight variations in shape, colour and setting may occur.


Product description

Hairpin (with the flower) size: height~ 7,5cm; width ~ 2,5cm

Box composition: set of 3 silver colour hairpins featuring a miniature Centifolia rose and foliage made of goat leather

Set of 3 hairpins (with the flowers) weight: ~ 6g

Delivered in its box

This product is only for the indicated use: fashion accessories, hairpins for adults

Keep out of reach of children

Directions for use

Open the box and silk paper including your hairpins with care. Make sure that you always hold their metallic part and do not tear the petals to avoid damage.

Leather is a living material: to better preserve the colour of your hairpins, we suggest that you place them back into the box away from humidity after use.

We advise you not to spray any chemical products such as hairsprays on the leather flowers.


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