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Master Perfumer

Originally there was perfume.

Perfume is the essence of life.Of my life.
As far as I can remember, I have always loved perfume.
My passion for it then turned into my calling, which led me from Belgium to Versailles via Montpellier.My calling then turned into my job.I travelled from the East to the Americas via Asia in search of fragrance inspirations.I learned a lot and discovered new approaches while developing others.I provided training and developed global knowledge sharing.It is said that travel helps you appreciate your home more.And my heart beat for the city of Grasse, that was my home place.

Thanks to this international work experience, I currently provide perfumers and manufacturers with my expertise in fragrance creation.

Leather under my skin

I have always liked creating and making with my hands.I fancy floral art and one day discovered Somebana, the Japanese art in silk flower-making.At that time I was looking for something special for my wedding : I made my own Somebana wedding bouquet.Then came out the idea of complementing fragrance to this delicate art. I thus recalled the tanners who once  made the city of Grasse famous.

From the memory of their scented gloves , I felt like combining my expertise as a Master perfumer and my passion for art in one single creation. I worked with skilled leather experts and thus learned how to work leather material. I concepted Nez dans les Fleurs to provide you with these scented leather flowers, pieces of jewellery and other unique gifts of their kind.